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K S vijayan, Bhargavan Pallikkara and Ravi Kecheri are the founders of NANMA comprising of different group of artistes on 6-8-2006 at Guruvayur.

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National Association of Malayalam Artistes

"Recognising the huge role of art in creating adequate people, Nanma works as a collective of artists. And it is a peoples art and cultural organisation, which becomes national association of Malayalam artists when expanded

It's the strongest National organisation of Malayalam artists which works for a better collectivism in between artists.

It has a glorious history of almost two decades of the strongest struggles and solemn Supports of Society . We are working with a broad perspective which includes the slogans of Freedom ,equality, and Fraternity . Freedom of expression and Social Justice are very important elements of it.

Creative life of the Majority artists are affected under the pressure of day to day Living Problems . Nanma envisages always this kind of issues of artists in the time of widespread flood in kerala 2018 and 2019 and covid 19 Pandemic we have worked as a helping hand especially in the artists, Now Nanma organisation is going to forward to implement a better future Plan for the uprisal of artists."