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"The new generation is our expectations and hope in the future endeavour. Emphasising this factor in mind Nanma started a children wing, between 10 to 17 age group, at Wayanad meenagadi in 2017 conducting 3 days shipasala consists of 200 inmates who attented the camp with high enthusiasm. The joy eqired from this event Nanma state committee has decided to start Balayarangu (with out paid membership) Only ID card issued. In 2020 we conducted a children's online arts festival categorically for LP, UP, H school and HSS.The total number of participants were12000and above. The over all result was fabulous and encouraging. Courage obtained from the success helped Nanma to continously conduct kalolsavam on 2021 also. Now thousands of young childrens are the strength of Balayarangu from all over Kerala"